So here we are already - post production! As of week commencing 12th Sept, all the footage from the filming is now in the system awaiting the start of editing. We have loaded up Magic Bullet to do the colour grading and Joy is doing one final clean up on the music tracks. She also went up in a light aircraft last Saturday to get some bespoke aerial footage for the opening sequence of the movie - no stock shots in OUR film, thank you very much! So, first up we plan to edit 3 of the songs that need fairly extensive After Effects work and hand them over to Chris Taylor, our effects wizard to weave his magic. Will post on here as and when there is anything of note to tell/see.

21 Oct 2011
So, the whole film is now on the timeline and we can see that we only need 3 very small pick-ups - which is good news! The general shape of the film is looking pretty good and very filmic. The acting is top notch and all signs are it should come out rather well! Still, lots to do yet as we start honing the material and working towards the fine cut. meanwhile, Chris has started on 'Pipes of Pan' - our major greenscreen number and I expect to see some footage very soon.
Sunday night sees our official wrap party and as we have a bit of time Joy (our editor) is cutting together a special gag reel to show the cast and crew. Who knows, maybe one day it may end up on YouTube!

30 Nov 2011
Editing continues and slowly the film is starting to come together. The song 'Morrighan' has become the first sequence to be locked in picture - just adding a few effects now and it will be finished. We have been looking at a couple of small additions to the scene in the glade when the Gods reveal themselves and may do an extra couple of pick-ups - more at a later stage once we have shot them (maybe even a couple of sneaky photos!). We have had some beautiful misty days recently which saw Gary going out armed with camera to grab some landscape and woodland shots for various points in the film - nature has once again been our greatest collaborator! 
A couple of weeks ago some of us too to the stage at Witchfest 2011 - exactly a year since we performed the stage show there. We showed some of the diaries and a 7 min version of the gag reel as well as doing a bit of a Q&A. Great day.
Calendars are on sale - not moving as many as we would have liked but those that have gone out are being very well received. We are in the process of setting up the Cafe Press shop - that should go live very soon.
The other bit of news is we have started pre-production on a short film written by Julianne (our line producer). It is a supernatural comedy-drama that will use cast and crew from 'Albion' and we plan to make it available as a download shortly after the release of the feature. Just a bit of fun but hopefully something else for you to enjoy. We will set up a page on this site, or a linked site dedicated to it at a later date.

17 Jan 2012
A new year is upon us and we inch ever closer to the release of the film. We kicked the year off in style by releasing the Full Trailer on New Year's Eve. If you missed it, here is a link:

Meanwhile, the edit continues and more shots have come in from the greenscreen compositing. We do still have a couple of small pick-ups to shoot but are waiting for the actor to be available (and with the right hair/beard combo!). Finally, we are now about to go into full swing on the marketing of the film. Busy times ahead but will post whenever there is something to tell you!

01 Feb 2012
A busy few weeks. The edit continues with the timeline looking cleaner and cleaner as each day passes. We have locked picture on several sequences now. We still are waiting to do our pick up shots and are starting to turn our minds to a bit of ADR as well. Plans are finalised for DVD pricing, the soundtrack album and we have booked a venue for the premiere. We will be making announcements over the next few weeks.

16 March 2012
A lot has happened since the last posting. We have a fully locked picture, the digital FX are going in thick and fast, tonight sees the last of the ADR sessions and Damh is composing and recording the underscoring for the soundtrack at this very moment.
We still have plenty to do - the full sound mix is booked in for later this month and we are about to start on the colour grading.
DVD pre-orders opened a couple of weeks ago and are selling steadily and we finally sorted not one but TWO premieres. The southern premiere is at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley and will feature a performance by Damh and be attended by the cast and crew. The Northern premiere will take place at the Mitchell and Kenyon cinema at the University of Central Lancashire. Both are on Monday 30th April and full details are on the Facebook Page.

1 May 2012
Well, what can I say? Journey's end. After a year and a half working on the film, it's release day. What an eventful couple of weeks leading up to it. We put the finishing touches to the movie late at night on Sun 15th April and the next morning I took all the materials to the duplication house in London's Soho. That Thursday, Joy and I watched the approval copy with tears in our eyes - it was finally here. We gave the green light on Friday morning and the duplication began. Exactly one week later (Friday 27th) we took delivery of 500 PAL and 500NTSC copies of the DVDs!
The coolest feeling in the world!

There then followed a weekend of envelope stuffing as we prepared to post out all the DVDs to the wonderful people who had pre-ordered (thereby helping us out with the cost of the post-production). Seeing them all boxed up proir to taking them to the post office was quite a humbling feeling...

Then the big day came - Monday 30th April, exactly a year after cameras started rolling and it was premiere day. We had hired the studio theatre of The Hawth, in Crawley (about 30 miles south of London) which seats 146 - and we were full to bursting. What was lovely was that most of the cast and crew were able to be there, along with around 70 fans, followers, friends and family. Damh, Cerri, Joy and I arrived a 6pm to set up and then everyone started arriving. To be honest, the evening was a bit of a blur but I shall try and remember as best as I can!
The doors opened at 7:30 and at 7:45 Damh started his set - half a dozen songs to get us in the mood...
Damh in full flow!

From the very start, everyone who knew the songs was joining in  - it was wonderful to hear all those voices united, singing those wonderful songs (Damh chose to sing a selection of songs from the movie, an interesting choice as we all got to hear where the inspiration had come from for what we were about to see).

We finished, arm in arm with "Wild Mountain Thyme" - then, as I was about to tell everyone to take a 'comfort break' before the film, the cast and crew presented me with a wonderful gift, a director's chair with my name on it (in light of the fact that I appeared to never sit down on the shoot!). It was very moving and totally unexpected.

Then at 8:40, the film began. Joy and I sat nervously holding hands at the back centre as the titles rolled - but from the start we could sense the audience were with us. To hear the laughs, gasps and cheers as the story unrolled before us was amazing. The credits rolled, with everyone getting cheered as their names came up and at the end, the crowd turned to us and gave a standing ovation. Even as I type this now, just over 24 hours later, my eyes are welling up again at the memory. It was a moment Joy and I shall  treasure for years to come.

After the film, everyone mingled in the foyer, hugging, crying, signing DVDs and posters and posing for photos. I was so proud of everyone involved and delighted that so many could be there, including many of my original Archway Theatre Young Adults Workshop cast who had started it all two and a half years ago. 
Seán, Joanne, Marq, Joy, Emma, Lucy, Redvers, Ella, James and a very happy, kneeling director!

So here we are. It's out there. The response so far has been amazing - lovely feedback from everyone who has seen the film. I know it's not perfect and will not be to everyone's taste but it has been made with love, honesty and a great team spirit... the 'Spirit of Albion'.

Peace and Blessed Be.